No Drama Llama Beaded Morse Code Bracelet

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One of our bracelets from the Sassy & Sarcastic Collection, "No Drama Llama" spells out the saying in International Morse Code.  Because we all have that person that thrives on the drama, wear this to ward them off or give it as a gift to tell them to knock it off.

All orders are attached to a card which includes the word or phrase, morse code translation, and either a quote or definition. Color options can be selected at checkout (primary color = dashes, secondary color=dots).

BRACELET DETAILS - Bracelets are beaded with Japanese seed beads on a nylon cord. Seed beads are tubes of glass that are heated until smooth and then cut into even pieces. Japanese seed beads tend to be more uniform but slight variations may still exist. Crimp tubes are placed on either end to prevent beads from falling off the string.

All bracelets are approximately 12 inches in length. They are designed to be tied onto your wrist or ankle. In addition, they have been coated with a thread conditioner/wax substance to help prevent fraying. The nylon cord holds up well in water so it is not necessary to remove when showering or swimming.