About Us

Turning Moments of Peace Into Pieces of Beauty


We're a small military spouse owned, run, and designed business.  All products are 100% handmade in our home office which also doubles as our homeschool library. On occasion, my husband or oldest child will help out with packaging and even stringing beads (though they lack the patience and tend to be "all thumbs").

Originally, I worked in public accounting for over 10 years.  After becoming burnt out due to tax and then audit season, I opted not to return to the workforce when we moved back to North Carolina.  We wound up homeschooling our oldest (and intend to do the same with our youngest in a year) and I became a teacher, driver, chef, housekeeper, financial planner, pet sitter/trainer, and the list goes on. 

I felt like I lost my identity as Jennifer and was regulated to mom and wife.  I wanted to do something that was "just for me" and was a stress release outlet.  Because with 6 animals and 2 kids plus the husband, I needed some sort of "me time".  I had always been interested in making jewelry before but never had the time.  So I started working on it while my youngest took her naps, hence Repurposing NapTime LLC was born.


Over time our products have changed from making jewelry from broken and out of style pieces to now focusing on our morse code line and items that can have an impact. 

The beauty of utilizing morse code in jewelry is that you can spell out pretty much anything and no one but the wearer would know what it says (unless you learned morse code during your career as a spy).

When we first started making our beaded morse code bracelets, we only offered 18 words of inspirational meaning such as ambition, confidence, perseverance, tranquility, etc.  One of our close friends suggested one day (after we had already made 60 of the "regular" bracelets) that we should include inappropriate words and phrases such as zero f*cks and others.  Much to our surprise, the "inappropriate and NSFW" bracelets sold like hotcakes.  As such we've now expanded our line of beaded morse code bracelets to include the following collections: Inspirational, Inappropriate/NSFW, Love, Sassy, Wanderlust, TV Shows and Movies Inspired such as Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls for example. 

Due to the success of our beaded Inappropriate and Inspirational Collections, we've added stamped metal bracelets in regular type and also in morse code.  We've expanded even further and are adding necklaces (beaded) and stamped charm necklaces.  Our stamped charm necklaces (which not in morse code), will contain a symbol of a word/phrase/behavior, etc.  For example, our charm of a cactus comes on either a card that says "don't be a prick" or "be a cactus in a world of delicate flowers".

We're slowly adding new products here and there to include resin earrings and charms, rings, and totes and cosmetic bags. 


Should you have any questions about our products or wish to discuss wholesale opportunities, please email us at repurposingnaptimellc@gmail.com.  In addition, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy @repurposingnaptime.